Teaching objective:
  According to the general teaching requirement of the training of a Master of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science graduate, we select the three main areas( plating process , chemical power and electrochemical metallurgy ) of  electrochemical engineering as a teaching content. Helping students to understand the main theoretical about the field of material electrochemistry ,to master the basics of the field,especially to understand the future direction of the three main areas of research ;the current state and the main  problems .
Chapter 1   Introduction
§1.1 The introduction of electrochemical engineering
§1.2 The main content and development of electrochemical engineering    
§1.3 The forefront of electrochemical engineering field
Chapter 2   The basic theory of electrochemistry
§2.1  Electrochemical Thermodynamics
§2.2  Electrode Kinetics
§2.3  The electrochemical process of the metal surface
Chapter 3   Metal electrodeposition and Plating process
§3.1  The basic principle of Plating process
§3.2  The single metal plating
§3.3  Alloy plating
§3.4  Plating repairing of material surface - brush
§3.5  Electrodeposition of the non-metallic surface
§3.6  Other treatments of metal material surface
§3.7  Direction of research in the field of electro-deposition of metal and  existing problems
Chapter 4  Materials of Chemistry Power
§4.1  The introduction of Chemistry Power
§4.2  A battery materials
§4.3  Rechargeable battery material
§4.4  Fuel cell materials
§4.5  Electrochemical sensors
§4.6  Several major issues in the future development of the material of the chemical power 
Chapter5 Preparation of electrochemical metal material- metallurgical electrochemistry
§5.1 Electrochemical metallurgy Profile
§5.2 Copper electrolysis process
§5.3 Aluminum electrolysis process
§5.4 Electrolysis process of other metals
§5.5 Direction of development in the field of metallurgy and Problems

Textbook:Electrochemical Engineering Fundamentals (wuhuihuang, Chemical Industry Press) 

Reference book:
1 Fengliming,wangyue.electroplating technology .Chemical Industry Press
2 chengxinqun.chemical power. Chemical Industry Press


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