Advanced Functional Materials' special issue on HUST-SKKU collaboration published

Mar 29, 2021
Written by: Li Peishan   Edited by: Cao Yutao, Scott, Peng Yumeng

On March 19th, 20 research papers co-authored by scholars from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and from Sungkyunkwan University were published in Advanced Functional Materials, as a special issue.

The special issue consists of 6 research advances and 14 reviews, jointly composed by professors of the two universities, in which summaries and prospects of cutting-edge technologies in material chemistry are presented systematically and comprehensively. The papers cover hot fields including new battery materials, nanomedicines, nanovaccines, high-efficiency catalysts, wearable sensors, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), and environmental pollution treatments - among others. Regarding new batteries, emphasis is laid on summarizing latest advances in perovskite solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and alkali metal sulfur batteries. Regarding nanomedicines and vaccines, the recent progress of acoustic/photodynamic nanomedicine used in cancer immunotherapy, DNA technology in medical diagnosis and treatment, antiviral therapy, and vaccine development is reviewed. With regard to high-efficiency catalysts, the synthesis strategies, performance regulation and catalytic applications of advanced photocatalysts, mono-atomic catalysts and oxygen electrocatalysis are systematically summarized.

As one of the top journals in chemical material science, Advanced Functional Materials (published by Wiley-VCH) contains the frontier academic papers in material research. This is the first time that HUST and SKKU have published a cooperative special issue in Advanced Functional Materials. This marks a momentous milestone for a broader and further international cooperation between the two universities. Professor Zhu Jintao from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at HUST and Professor Ho Seok Park from School of Chemical Engineering at SKKU serve as guest editors of the special issue.

Since 2012, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of HUST and School of Chemical Engineering of SKKU have been making joint efforts in fields concerning the construction and performance regulation of new energy chemistry, optical materials, and biomedical materials, achieving a series of ‘innovative fruits’ which have arrested global attention.

After joining hands with SKKU, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at HUST has put tireless effort into a more inclusive education in pursuit of a new model of scientific cooperation, personnel exchange and international courses. Ever since its first success in 2015, HUST-SKKU Bilateral Graduate Student Workshop has been held on five occasions, attracting hundreds of scholars and students while broadening academic horizons for the young. In 2019, HUST and SKKU jointly established the International Joint Research Center for Functional Polymer Materials and Devices, manifesting an upgrade in cooperation and exchanges between the two universities.

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