Course Objective:

This course focus on the systematic explanation about special distillation, special extraction, membrane separation, adsorption and ion exchange in modern chemical separation technology in such aspect as process principle, mass transfer mechanism, process flow and application research state, discussing the characteristic of different separation technology and discussing the common feature to make students have the ability in designing and choosing the reasonable separation process according to the actually request.

Course Outline
Chapter 1  Introduction of Modern Chemical Separation Technology
§1.1  Basic Concept of Separation Process
§1.2  Development History of Separation Engineering
§1.3  Research Method of Separation Engineering
§1.4  New Feature of Modern Chemical Separation Technology
Chapter 2  Basis of Multicomponent Separation and Multicomponent Distillation
§2.1  Variables Analysis in Separation Process
§2.2  Phase Equilibrium Calculation
§2.3  Shortcut Calculation of Multicomponent Distillation
§2.4  Strict Calculation of Multicomponent Distillation
Chapter 3  Special Distillation Technology
§3.1  Reactive Distillation Technology
§3.2  Azeotropic Distillation Technology
§3.3  Extractive Distillation Technology
Chapter 4  Special Extractive Technology
§4.1  Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology
§4.2  Micelle and Reverse Micelles Extractive Technology
§4.3  Two Aqueous Phase Extraction
Chapter 5  Membrane Separation Technology
§5.1  Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration
§5.2  Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration
§5.3  Electroosmosis
§5.4  Pervaporation and Gas Membrane Separation
Chapter 6  Adsorption and Ion Exchange Technology
§6.1  Adsorption Stripping
§6.2  Ion Exchange Separation
Chapter 7  Separation Process Simulation Technology
§7.1  Introduction of Separation Process Simulation Technology
§7.2  Software in Separation Process Simulation


Separation Process, Jiaqi Liu, Chemical Industry Press, 2002

Reference Books:
1.Mass Transfer Separation Process, Jiaqi Liu, Higher Education Press, 2005
2. Separation Process Principles, E J Henley,E J Seader, D K Roper, Hoboken,NJ:Wiley, 2011

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