Course Objectives:
The objective of Material Chemistry is to provide an overview of the various types of materials, with a focus on synthetic methodologies and relationships between the structure of a material and its overall properties. Through this course, students could acknowledge the basic contents and research methods applied in material chemistry. Which will provide a solid base for those would like to engage in the study of material science.
This course begins from crystallography, and then introduces the preparation and properties of inorganic nonmetals, metals, modern polymeric materials. Particularly, it emphasizes on the applications of new materials in information, energy, biology, medicine and construction, etc. In addition, All students are encouraged to probe the advance of surface chemistry, electrochemistry, high temperature chemistry of materials, and to explain the relationship of performance and structure of materials as well as to understand the overall technology of functional materials preparation.

Syllabus (Chapter title):
Chapter 1 basic crystallography
1.1. periodicity  of crystal structures
1.2 symmetry of crystal structures
1.3 X-ray diffraction of crystalline
Chapter 2 Non-stoichiometric and metastable materials
2.1 Properties of crystalline
2.2 Non-stoichiometric materials
2.3 liquid crystals
Chapter 3 Metal
3.1 Metal properties and metallic bond
3.2 Elementary substance of metal
3.3 Alloys
3.4 Metal materials
3.5 New alloys
Chapter 4 Inorganic nonmetals
4.1 ionic crystalline
4.2 Intermolecular forces and supramolecular chemistry
4.3 Inorganic nonmetals
Chapter 5 Organic Polymers
5.1 Introduction of Polymers
5.2 Structure of polymer
Chapter 6 Nanomaterial
6.1 nanotechnology
Chapter 7 New functional material
Chapter 8 Solid energy band theory and crystal orbital


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Reference books:
1) Li songlin,Material chemistry,Chemical engineering press,2008.2
2) Bradley, D. Fahlman, Material chemistry (2nd Edition), Springer, 2011.

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