Introduction of Institute of Chemical Engineering

The Institute was established based on the Teaching and Research Laboratory of Fine Chemical Engineering founded in 1993. The institute recruited undergraduate students in the same year, and also recruited graduate students (Master Degree) as a secondary discipline of chemical engineering. Since 2010, the Institute recruits undergraduate students as prime discipline of chemical engineering. The Institute is mainly responsible to the education and research of chemical engineering. The Institute is currently a member of the Education and Guidance Committee of Chemical Engineering Specialty of Ministry of Education.


Three Professors and four Associate Professors.

The research areas

1. Research and development of fine chemicals mainly involving extract of effective constituent in natural plant.

2. Fundamental and application of chemical engineering mainly involving reactive distillation and coupling technology of reaction and separation.

3. Separation engineering mainly involving novel materials of membrane separation and chiral separation.

4. Polymer hydrogels and supramolecular gels.

5. Sugar chemistry.

Research achievements and academic exchange

In the past 5 years, more than 80 articles have been published in international journals. The members of the Institute take part in and take charge of research projects of national key fundamental research plan (973), national foundation of natural science, international scientific cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology and a number of other projects from local government and industry. More than 10 patents have been published. Research funding is about 8 millions (RMB).

The Institute performs fruitful international cooperation and exchange with a number of universities in United States, Russia, Poland, Netherlands etc.

Education and teaching:

The Institute undertakes the core courses including Principle of chemical engineering, Chemical reaction engineering, Separation engineering, Chemical thermodynamics, Chemical design, Chemical facilities etc. for undergraduate students.

The graduate students those obtained Doctoral Degree finds job in universities and industries, or further study oversea as postdoc. Approximately 60% of graduate students those obtained Master Degree work on the research and development of chemical materials in industries, and the others further study for Doctoral Degree.

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Research team members

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