Culture Festival

The University holds Cultural Festival lasting 4 months in the first half of each year. The Cultural Festival aims to “enrich campus culture , embody the spirit of the time, present the youth’s mien, and cultivate a comprehensive quality,” science and technology, and Humanities, such as: the competition for 10 Best Singers on the Campus, the Youth Rhythm Gymnastics Competition, the Large Musical Instrument Concert at Zuiwan Pavilion, the Competition for Hosts, and Debate Competition.

Science Festival

In order to cultivate an atmosphere of scientific and technological innovation on the campus, and develop students’ comprehensive quality, improve university students’ basic skill required in an information age, flourish a vogue for study and solid work, and prepare talents and projects for national university students’ “Challenge Cup” competition, the League Committee of the university conducts the Scientific and Technological Festival each year, which covers Competition of Extracurricular Learning and Scientific and Technological Works, the serial computer and net activities, Scientific and Technological Forum of University Students ,the serial FL activities and a number of feature activities.

International Cultural Festival

The Night of SICA(NS)

It is held once a year and it is an ultimate display of the international students’ cultural fusion in China. This party faces all the students and teachers in the gymnasium of HUST(the gymnasium can hold around 1500 audiences),containing performances of various kinds, given by foreign and Chinese students together.

Chinese Corner(CC)

CC is one of the earliest-started platforms for international communication in mid-China. Held once a week, over 80 episodes have been carried out, each with a unique topic about the Chinese language, culture, society and so on.

Tutor Program for International Students(TPIS)

In order to help international students of HUST to study Chinese more efficiently ,SICA recruits Chinese tutor volunteers to help them one on one.With careful attending, the program has lasted six semesters involving more than 1000 international students and Chinese students.

HUST-MIT Summer Camp(HMSC)

SICA has successfully conducted four HMSCs from 2008.The program consists of several MIT student ambassadors and nearly 30 Chinese students each year. The camp takes place in HUST, bearing the task of promoting Sino-American students’ mutual understanding through technology and culture exchange, such as training, lecture, and party.

留学生走进中小学 Teachers support of International Students(TSIS)

TSIS provides the students of primary and middle schools in rural areas which are with less educational resources, a chance to communicate with international students face to face, so as to broaden their horizon and change their world view to some extent. In the same time, the program also helps international students to learn more about China.

Global Tour in HUST(GTH)

In forms of lectures and culture festivals, GTH opens a gate leading to the outside. Foreign students as well as teachers are invited to show and share with the Chinese their part of the world. This program once successfully attracted the engagement of foreign ambassadors and consuls. Several thousand international and Chinese students have participated in the program so far.

Orientation Program For International Students(OPIS)

Orientation Program For International Students is launched by Institute of International Education and is co-organized by SICA. SICAers will undertake the tasks like the reception and physical examination of new comers, and the organization of outing and activities for international students. Therefore new students can feel the passion and joy presented by HUST and they will surely get accustomed to the fresh environment via this program.

Culture Salon(CS)

As a newly developed program of SICA, the culture salon consists of four parts based on a specific theme: presentations given by the honored guests, the free talk, the popular table games and talent show. It provides a stage for both Chinese and international students where they can make new friends with Chinese, sharing either their opinions of the hot social issues or unforgettable experiences of the past.

Visiting campus