Brief Introduction

The Student Union of Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a student organization on behalf of all students of the university. From the foundation of its first session, the Student Union, aiming at serving for students whole-heartedly, continually improved the quality of its members and set up good student cadre images. They had directed the work of its branches in every department and held various activities on science, culture and academy, which were highly praised. HUST has currently 49 clubs andassociations.

Literature and Art

Drama Association

Guitar Association

Cartoon Association

Bamboo Flute and Vertical Bamboo Flute Association

International Standard Dance Association

Movie Appreciation Association

Lecture and Eloquence Association

Music Association

Etiquette Association

Dance Association


Young Volunteers’ Association

Public Relation Association

National Defense Association

Stamp-Collecting Association

White-Flay Dolphin Protection Association

Association of Pioneers of Scientific and Technological Work

Market Planning Association

Photography Association

Advertising Association

Marketing Association

Travelers’ Club

Brand Association

Expedition Association

Science and Technology

CAI Association

Linux Association

Radio Association

Mathematical Model-Building Association

Physics Association

Digitalization and Net Association

E-commerce Association

Computer Association


Badminton Association

Volleyball Association

Table Tennis Association

Football Association

Chess Association

Kongfu Association

Chinese Chess Association

Basketball Association

Humanities and Social Sciences

Xiayu Poetry Society

Thinking Space Association

Future Administrators’ Association

Astronomy Enthusiasts ‘Association

Economics Club

Laws Association

Duo Voice Association

Future Leaders’ Association

English Association

Psychology Enthusiasts’ Association

Visiting campus