Professors of Chemistry

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Academic Areas: Organic Chemistry

Academic Degrees

B.Sc, 1982, Department of Chemistry, Wuhan Univercity;  Master in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou Univercity, 1991;  PhD in Chemistry and Physics of Polymers Chemistry and Physics of PolymersPolymer chemistry and Physics, 1996, College of Chemistry and Molecular Science, Wuhan Univercity.

Professional Experience

1982-1988:  Huanggang Agricultural School of Hubei Province ( Assistant lector)
1991-1993: Department of Basic Science, Central China Agricultural University, lectured general Chemistry (Lector);
1996-1998: Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS (post-doctor);
1999—now, join the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Associate Professor (1999-2005);  Professor(2006-)
Current Academic Status: Synthesis, property and application of bio-active organic compounds and polymeric materials, especially used for MRI contrast agents.

Selected Publications

(1) Yuping Yang, Jinlan Zhou, Kaichao Yu*. Design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation of binary targeting MRI contrast agent for imaging tumer cells. Amino Acids, 2014, 46(2):449-457
(2) Yuping Yang, Kaichao Yu*, Hailu Zhang, Jianwu Dai, Zongwu Deng. Invitro assessment of the dual-targeting behavior of a peptide-based magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent. International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2014, 33:215-220.
(3) Wan Fuxian, Y u kaichao. Chin. J.  Org. Chem., 2014,34(4):613-629
(4) H. Ur. Rashid, K. Yu, and J. Zhou, Lanthanide(Iii) Chelates 阿s MRI Contrast Agents: A Brief Description. Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2013,Vol. 54, No. 1, pp. 223-249)
(5) Haroon Ur Rashid, Kaichao Yu* and Jinlan Zhou. Advances in the Development of Methane Bromination. J.Chem.Soc.Pak., 2011, Vol. 33, No.

Awards and Honors

• Organic Chemistry;
• Spectrosco Organic Compounds