Professor of Chemistry ,Director of the Hubei Key Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry & Medicines

Phone: (86)27-87543133


Academic Areas: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Academic Degrees

1995: Ph.D in Department of Biology, HUST

1987: M.S. in Department of Chemistry, HUST

1982: B.S. in Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University

Professional Experience

1997-present   Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, HUST
2003-present   Director of Hubei Key Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry & Materia Medica
2006-2011     Member of the Second Academic Committee of HUST
1997-2008     Director of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
2002          Visiting Professor of University of Surry, UK
2000          Visiting scholar of Padova University, Italy
1995-1997     Assistant Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, HUST,Deputy director of Department of Chemistry
1992-1993    Cooperative research in Roskilde University, Denmark

Selected Publications

1. Hongjie Chen, Weiqun Tian, Kaixun Huang*. Effect of blood-retinal barrier development on formation of selenite nuclear cataract in rat. Toxicology Letters. 216 (2013): 181-188.
2. Yi Li, Yi Ji, Jun Zhou, Kaixun Huang*. Effect of methionine sulfoxide reductase B1 silencing on high-glucose-induced apoptosis of human lens epithelial cells. Life Sciences.92(2013): 193-201
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4. Y Jia, Y Li, SQ Du, KX Huang*. Involvement of MsrB1 in the regulation of redox balance and inhibition of peroxynitrite-induced apoptosis in human lens epithelial cells. Experimental Eye Research 100 (2012): 7-16.
5. Hayder A. Abbood, H Peng, XH Gao, BE Tan, KX Huang*. Fabrication of cross-like NH4V4O10 nanobelt array controlled by CMC as soft template and photocatalytic activity of its calcinated product. Chemical Engineering Journal 209 (2012): 245-254.
6. Khalid AM Ahmed, Hayder A. Abbood, KX Huang*. Hydrothermal synthesis of Mn(OH)O nanowires and their thermal conversion to (1D)-manganese oxides nanostructures. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2012, 358: 33-37.
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