Lecturer of Chemistry

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Email: chjwxiao@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Nanostructured Materials for Energy Storage and Conversions

To meet this century’s demands for environmentally friendly transportation and cleaner energy sources, our research focus on developing of nanostructured materials for high-performance next-generation energy storage and conversion devices. Much efforts have been devoted to design, synthesize, and characterize transition metal oxides and the composites materials via various chemical and physical processes, exploit the applications in energy storage and conversion, especially electrochemical capacitors, Li-ion batteries, Electrocatalysis, etc., and better understand the structure-property-performance relationship. The main research interests include:
(1) Design, synthesis, fabrication, characterization, and application of transition metal compound nanostructured materials for energy storage and conversion;
(2) Fabrication and evaluation of the carbonaceous materials with high specific surface in energy storage and conversion ;
(3) The design and fabrication of three-dimensional multifunctional electrodes from the appropriate nanoscale building blocks for energy storage and conversion application.

Academic Degrees

2012, Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
2008, Master of Engineering in Materials Science, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2005, Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Professional Experience

Jan 2013- now: Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology,
July 2012- Dec. 2012:  Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Selected Publications

1. Xiao, J.;* Yang, S.; Wan, L.; Xiao, F.; Wang, S.* Electrodeposition of manganese oxide nanosheets on a continuous three-dimensional nickel porous scaffold for high performance electrochemical capacitors. Journal of Power Sources 2014, 245, 1027-1034.
2. Xiao, J.;* Wan, L.; Yang, S.; Xiao, F.; Wang, S.* Design Hierarchical Electrodes with Highly Conductive NiCo2S4 Nanotube Arrays Grown on Carbon Fiber Paper for High-Performance Pseudocapacitors. Nano Letters 2014, 14, 831-838.
3. Xiao, J.;* Wan, L.; Wang, X.; Kuang, Q.; Dong, S.; Xiao, F.; Wang, S.* Mesoporous Mn3O4-CoO core-shell spheres wrapped by carbon nanotubes: a high performance catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction and CO oxidation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2, 3794-3800.
4. Wan, L.; Xiao, J.;* Xiao, F.; Wang, S.* Nanostructured (Co, Ni)-Based Compounds Coated on a Highly Conductive Three Dimensional Hollow Carbon Nanorod Array (HCNA) Scaffold for High Performance Pseudocapacitors. ACS applied materials & interfaces 2014, 6, 7735-42.
5. Xiao, J.* W.; Xu, G. L.; Sun, S. G.; Yang, S. H.* MFe2O4 and MFe@oxide Core-Shell Nanoparticles Anchored on N-doped Graphene Sheets for Synergistically Enhancing Lithium Storage Performance and Electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction Reactions. Particle &Particle Systems Characterization 2013, 30, 893-904.
6. Xiao, J.;* Zeng, X.; Chen, W.; Xiao, F.; Wang, S.* High electrocatalytic activity of self-standing hollow NiCo2S4 single crystalline nanorod arrays towards sulfide redox shuttles in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells. Chemical Communications 2013, 49, 11734-11736.
7. Xiao, J.;* Kuang, Q.; Yang, S.;* Xiao, F.; Wang, S.; Guo, L. Surface Structure Dependent Electrocatalytic Activity of Co3O4 Anchored on Graphene Sheets toward Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Scientific Reports 2013, 3.
8. Xiao, J.; Yang, S.* Bio-inspired synthesis: understanding and exploitation of the crystallization process from amorphous precursors. Nanoscale 2012, 4, 54-65.
9. Xiao, J.; Yang, S.* Bio-inspired synthesis of NaCl-type CoxNi1-xO (0 <= x < 1) nanorods on reduced graphene oxide sheets and screening for asymmetric electrochemical capacitors. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2012, 22, 12253-12262.
10. Xiao, J.; Yang, S.* Nanocomposites of Ni(OH)2/Reduced Graphene Oxides with Controllable Composition, Size, and Morphology: Performance Variations as Pseudocapacitor Electrodes. Chempluschem 2012, 77, 807-816.
11. Xiao, J.; Yang, S.* Sequential crystallization of sea urchin-like bimetallic (Ni, Co) carbonate hydroxide and its morphology conserved conversion to porous NiCo2O4 spinel for pseudocapacitors. RSC Advances 2011, 1, 588-595.

Courses Taught

• Materials Protections
• Comprehensive Experiment
• General Chemistry