Key Laboratory for Large-Format Battery Materials and System ,Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory for Large-Format Battery Materials and System, Ministry of Education, was approved by professionals from Ministry of Education in June, 2012, and further approved in July, 2014. It is now becoming an advanced world renowned research platform equipped with top-ranking facilities. The lab is aiming to meet the enormous needs from the potential research opportunities and national economic growth, and it develops an internationally competitive research team with a multi-disciplinary background of chemistry, materials, physics, and energy. It has four main research areas: physical chemical mechanism of energy transformation and storage, manipulation of structure and interface in energy materials, key materials and devices of battery, and materials and devices of photo-electron conversion. The lab is undertaking several national key technological projects, such as 973 project, 863 project, and National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. A large group of high level innovative talents has been recruited, and a professional and innovation team specializing in new energy materials and devices has been approved by Ministry of Education. In recently years internationally significant outcomes have been achieved.

Research team members