Hubei Key Laboratory of Materials Chemistry & Service Failure

The Hubei Key Laboratory of Materials Chemistry & Service Failure was approved to be established in 2006. The laboratory was inspected and accepted by Science and Technology of Hubei Provincial Department in 2009, and rated as excellent.

The laboratory focuses on the hotspot issues of materials chemistry and service failure. Combined with the characteristics of Hubei province, basic research and engineering application, the laboratory undertakes a number of national and provincial major, key projects, and makes contributions to meet national needs, service for the innovation of science and technology in Hubei province, as well as economic development.

In this laboratory, there are 43 permanent researchers, including 20 professors, 20 associate professors. An energetic research team is consisted by young and middle-age teachers. Among them, there is one winner of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars, four experts of the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan, ten experts of New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China, eleven Hubei Chutian Scholars. Simultaneously, the laboratory take active measures to strengthen the construction of talent team, strive to introduce and cultivate young and middle-aged academic backbone, and to form a good talent echelon in the process of subject development.

At present, the laboratory has been formed four research direction as following: supra-molecular gel and polymer materials, material service failure and protection, synthesis and application of catalytic materials and special functional materials, which have made some innovative achievements.


In recent 3 years (2012-2014), the laboratory has received more than 50 research grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project 863, Project 973 and other major projects subject, with a total budget of more than 68 million yuan. Added to this, the laboratory has published over 280 research papers listed in SCI and 57 authorized patents. Moreover, the laboratory was awarded 8 national and provincial research award successively. Among them, there is a Second Class National Prize of National Science awarded in 2010. 

Research team members