Institute of Material and Environmental Chemistry

The institute of material and environmental chemistry (IMEC) is originated from the historic laboratory of corrosion and protection of oilfield which was cohosted by HUST and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), IMEC is now the vice chairman of Chinese Society of Corrosion and Protection (CSCP), the committee chairman of corrosion inhibitor under CSCP, and member of the education committee of physics and chemistry of Chinese Ministry of Education. Currently, IMEC is totally devoted in the teaching and research of environmental behaviors and failure mechanisms of materials in service, and new photoelectron and battery functional materials synthesis, etc. IMEC is also one of the key disciplines of “211” and “985”projects of HUST.

1.Research fields

Corrosion and protection of material under caustic environments (oil &gas exploration, chemical engineering, nuclear power station, etc.).

Synthesis of corrosion inhibitors and its applications.

Corrosion electrochemistry, corrosion monitoring &detection techniques;

Synthesis of environment friendly green chemicals, recycling and safe control of harmful microorganisms.

Material electrochemistry and photoelectron material and device.


professors: 5

Associate professors:6

Lecturer: 1

Visitor scholar and postdocs: 2

“Youth Thousand Talents program” finalists: 2

3.Academic achievements

1) IMEC has hosted many sub-topics from national projects such as “863”and “973”, national key project and NSFC. In addition of hundreds of international cooperation projects and enterprise cooperation projects. By far, IMEC has been granted more than 30 patents and several second awards of science of Hubei province.

2) IMEC have carried out wide cooperation and communication with many famous college, institute and international corporations worldwide, such as General Motors Co, Sumitomo Steel Co, PSB of Singapore.

4.Teaching and graduates

IMEC has undertaken many undergraduate and graduate courses, such as applied electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, material chemistry, corrosion monitoring techniques, optical electronics and environmental chemistry. Many students have been granted to take part in international operational researches and to be exchange students to US and UK, Singapore. In addition, many alumni from IMEC have become elites and leaders in famous international corporations, universities and scientific organizations. 

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