We have been offering 3 undergraduate programs: i) chemistry; ii) applied chemistry; iii) chemical engineering and technology.Each year we recruited 180 undergraduates.

In particular, Three courses including “basic chemistry "," organic chemistry" and " basic chemistry experiment " have awarded as excellent courses in the Hubei Province. Chemical experiment center has awarded as “Teaching demonstration center of Hubei Province”. Our graduate students can work in teaching, scientific research, development and management , and also can pursue further education in different fields , such as chemistry, pharmacy, material science, photoelectron chemistry, environmental science, clean and renewable energy.

Program Tracks

01.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Chemical Engineering and Technology
02.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Applied Chemistry
03.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Chemistry

Financial aids &housing

Clause I Rules for Living on Campus

1. Read Contract for Friendship Apartments Building Residence carefully and sign the Contract. Students should follow the rules and regulations prescribed in the Contract.

2. Rules for putting a visitor up in the apartment

(1) The valid ID card of the visitors and the registration are required if students want to take their compatriot or classmates;

(2) If students want to take their compatriot or classmates of the same gender (not including their classmates in China) in the apartment, they should register first. Visitors are free from the residence fee for one week and RMB 20 Yuan each day if exceeding one week.

(3) Students are not allowed to take a compatriot/friend of the opposite gender or compatriot/friend inChinain the apartment. However, the compatriot/friend can be regarded as visitor to live in the building after getting the permission from the teacher and paying the rent.

Clause II Rules for Living off Campus

1. A written application to International Students Office is required if students want to live outside.

2. They should fill two copies of the Record for the Students Living off Campus and submit the following documents:

(1) Students who live outside should submit lease contract, a copy of Security Certificate for Leased House in Wuhan issued by local police office, a copy of house ownership certificate or house purchasing contract from owner of the house, a copy of house owner’s ID card and house owner’s telephone number;

(2) Students who live with friend or relative should submit the household registration certificate of the friend or relative, a letter of commitment to the students’ security;

3. After the evaluation of the above materials, International Students Office will issue a permit for living outside or a certificate for residence changing. Students should personally register at local police office with the above materials within 24 hours after they change to new homes off the campus (students are also requested to register at local police station ofTongjiMedicalCollegeafter they are transferred from main campus). Besides, they should make the change for registration at Entry & Exit Administration Department of Wuhan Bureau of Police.

4. If students want to change the address again, they should go through the above procedures once more, record the change at local police office within 24 hours, and then register at Entry & Exit Administration Department of Wuhan Bureau of Police.

5. Apart from application, lease contract, a copy of Security Certificate for Leased House in Wuhan issued by local police office, a copy of house ownership certificate or house purchasing contract from the house owner, a copy of house owner’s ID card and house owner’s telephone number, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese students should also submit a permission letter from their parents;

6. International students, students fromHong Kong,MacaoandTaiwan, overseas Chinese students living outside should follow laws and regulations ofChina, respect Chinese tradition and customs, raise their sense of personal safety. Police will punish the students who violate Chinese laws.


Residential Contract for Chinese Government Scholarship Students      

1. Property Management is entrusted by International Student Office to keep public place in high hygiene standards and be responsible for regular maintenance of the building. Property Management also provides fully-equipped and clean apartments when students check in.

2. Student applicant for dormitory  agrees to abide by regulations of Property Management. Every student is provided with 120 kWh of electricity and 6 tons of water for free per month. The excess electricity and water, TV, Internet and other billings should be fully paid by the student applicant for dormitory.

3. Student applicant for dormitory should take good care of the furniture and facilities. Maintenance fees for any intentional damage should be fully paid by the student applicant for dormitory. Repair fee for normal wear and tear will be paid by International Student Office.  

4. Student applicant for dormitory should maintain public hygiene and is not allowed to put personal belongings in public places (i.e. corridors, and etc.). Any personal belonging found in corridors will be considered garbage and will be  cleared out.

5. To guarantee a quiet environment for other students, Student applicant for dormitory is not allowed to make loud noises or play loud music inside the building.

6. Visitors must leave on time and are not allowed to stay overnight. Those who disobeyed the rules will be punished according to the university regulations or relevant provisions from Wuhan MunicipalPublic Security Bureau.

7. To ensure fire and electrical safety in dormitory, student applicant for dormitory is not allowed to use electric  stove, electric heater, electric heating cup, electric blanket, electric iron, and etc. Gas appliances, flammable and explosive goods are strictly prohibited inside the building.     

8. Quarrelling, fighting, excessive drinking and raising pets are not allowed in dormitory.

Undergraduate courses