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Green Shades in Organic Synthesis

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Green Shades in Organic Synthesis


Prof. Luigi Vaccaro


October 22, 2021(Friday) 15:00-16:00


Meeting Room 321, East 3 Building


Prof. Gu Yanlong


Prof. Luigi Vaccaro is a Full Professor of Organic Chemistry, Universita degli Studi di Perugia (03/C1 - SSD CHIM/06). Luigi Vaccaro is Co-Author of over 200 scientific publications (including reviews and books) and 11 papers published in Synfacts. Luigi Vaccaro frequently serves as reviewer for International scientific journals and for National and International financing agencies such as ANVUR, Israel Science Foundation, Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), US National Science Foundation. His research interests are Catalysis: Multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts designed for flow reactors operating in safer reaction media for the development of waste-minimized syntheses of fine chemicals. Bio-based fuels, Safer solvents and chemicals.


Our research program is mainly committed to the definition of efficient and sustainable synthetic tools by combining the development of several crucial areas of investigation: i) use of safer reaction media (such as water, azeotropes or bio-based reaction media), ii) preparation and use of heterogeneous recoverable and reusable catalytic systems based on supports tailor-made for their use in greener reaction media; iii) definition of flow reactors able to allow the recovery of products with minimal waste production. Our recent efforts have been directed for the definition of effective and sustainable approaches for the activation C–H inert bonds and access highly functionalized heterocylclic systems. An overview of the different interlinked approaches developed in our laboratory will be presented in this contribution. Some representative examples from our laboratory will be presented in this seminar.


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