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HUST-SKKU Academic Lecture Series Successfully Held in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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On July 4, HUST-SKKU Academic Lecture Series was successfully held in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, HUST. At the invitation of Prof. Xia Baoyu of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering HUST, Ho Seok Park, Professor of School of Chemical Engineering (SKKU), gave an invited lecture entitled "2D Pseudocapacitive Nanomaterials for High Energy- and High Power-Oriented Applications of Supercapacitors". The lecture was hosted by Prof. Xia Baoyu, and more than 50 students and researchers from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and School of Materials Science and Engineering participated online.



Photo | Prof. Park giving the lecture

In this lecture, Prof. Park presented that supercapacitors (SCs) are an electrochemical energy storage device that can fill the gap between batteries and electrolytic capacitors. However, the widespread applications of commercialized carbon-based SCs are limited by their energy density, arising from their physical charge storage mechanism, which is by far lower than that of batteries. Moreover, the high-power applications of SCs are also limited by the slower kinetics than electrolytic capacitor due to the diffusion and distribution of ions onto the tortuous porous surface. He introduced their recent progress on the rational design of 2D pseudocapacitive materials for high energy- and high power-oriented SCs applications. Prof. Park addressed their contribution to the improvement of pseudocapacitance by the molecular level surface redox sites of 2D pseudocapacitive nanomaterials such as P-doped graphene and black phosphorus. In addition to energy aspect, Prof. Park also explained the kinetics feature of 2D MXenes, correlating with the multiscale structure and chemistry for ultrahigh power and high frequency response.


Photo | Prof. Park introducing electrochemical energy storage

During the Q&A part, Prof. Park had a heated discussion on hot research issues such as 2D pseudocapacitive nanomaterials and kinetics feature of 2D MXenes, and exchanged ideas with the participants, providing new research ideas and directions in the field of electrochemistry and energy.

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