LU Xiang

Associate Research Professor

Phone: 15013048156

Email: luxiang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Phase change materials; Energy storage, conversion, reusage; Functional polymer composites; Theories of processing and molding of polymer materials

Xiang Lu is an associate research professor and Ph.D. supervisor in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He focuses on the design and fabrication of advanced functional polymer and composites, theories of processing and molding of polymer materials. As the first author or corresponding author, more than 40 of his research works have been published in well-known international academic journals including Composites Science and Technology, Composites Part A, Composites Part B, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, etc. Currently, he is engaged in fundamental studies in multifunctional polymer and composites for energy storage/conversion/reusage, electronics and personal applications. Furthermore, he presided over National Key R & D Programs, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and China Postdoctoral fund, etc.

Academic Degrees


PhD in Material processing engineering, South China University of Technology


MS in Chemical engineering, South China University of Technology


BS in Applied chemistry, Hubei University

Professional Experience


Associate research professor, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, HUST


Visiting scholar, Department of aerospace and mechanical engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Post-doctor, School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology


Product engineer, Product R & D Center, Kingfa Sci. and Tech. Co., Ltd.

Courses Taught

1.Chemical Engineering Principle Experiment (for undergraduate student)

Awards and Honors

Selected Projects Funded

1.National Science Foundation of China (No. 51903092)

2.National key R & D programs (No. 2020YFB1709301)

Selected Publications

[1]Yongfeng Zheng, Yingjun Wang, Zhen Luo, Xiang Lu*, Jinping Qu*, Concurrent design for structures and material microstructures under hybrid uncertainties. Materials & Design. 2021, 205: 109728.

[2]Yue Luo, SuYa Xiong, Feng Zhang, Xiao-Xiang He, Xiang Lu*, Rui-Tao Peng*. Preparation of conductive polylactic acid/high density polyethylene/carbon black composites with low percolation threshold by locating the carbon black at the Interface of cocontinuous blends. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2021, 138: 50291.

[3]Yongfeng Zheng, Yingjun Wang, Xiang Lu*, Jing Zheng, Jinping Qu*. Topology optimisation for isotropic mechanical metamaterials considering material uncertainties. Mechanics of Materials. 2021, 155: 103742.

[4]Xiaolong Li, Xinxin Sheng, Yongqiang Guo, Xiang Lu*, Hao Wu, Ying Chen, Li Zhang, Junwei Gu*. Multifunctional HDPE/CNTs/PW composite phase change materials with excellent thermal and electrical conductivities. Journal of Materials Science & Technology. 2021, 86: 171-179.

[5]Yu Du, Haowei Huang, Xinpeng Hu, Shuang Liu, Xinxin Sheng*, Xiaolong Li, Xiang Lu*, Jinping Qu. Melamine foam/polyethylene glycol composite phase change material synergistically modified by polydopamine/MXene with enhanced solar-to-thermal conversion. Renewable Energy. 2021,171:1-10.

[6]Jintao Huang, Bangyao Wu, Sha Lyu, Tao Li, He Han, Dandan Li, Jaw-Kai Wang, Jiangtao Zhang, Xiang Lu*, Dazhi Sun*. Improving the thermal energy storage capability of diatom-based biomass/polyethylene glycol composites phase change materials by artificial culture methods. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2021, 219: 110797.

[7]Weitai Yu, Yue Zhao, Jiangrong Shen, Pengcheng Lin*, Xiang Lu*, Ying Chen. Multifactor-Regulated Fast Synthesis of α-Zirconium Phosphate Nanocrystals Towards Highly Efficient Adsorption of Pesticides. Journal of Materials Science. 2021, 56: 313–325.

[8]Xinxin Sheng, Dexuan Dong, Xiang Lu*, Li Zhang, Ying Chen. MXene-wrapped bio-based pomelo peel foam/polyethylene glycol composite phase change material with enhanced light-to-thermal conversion efficiency, thermal energy storage capability and thermal conductivity. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. 2020, 138: 106067.

[9]Xiang Lu, Yongfeng Zheng, Jinglei Yang, Jinping Qu*. Multifunctional paraffin wax/carbon nanotube sponge composites with simultaneous high-efficient thermal management and electromagnetic interference shielding efficiencies for electronic devices. Composites Part B: Engineering. 2020, 199: 108308.

[10]Sen Qin, Xiang Lu*, Shao-yin Lv, Wen-hua Xu, Huan-huan Zhang, Ling-cao Tan, Jin-ping Qu*. Simultaneously toughening and reinforcing high-density polyethylene via an industrial volume-pulsatile injection molding machine and Poly (ethylene terephthalate). Composites Part B: Engineering. 2020, 198: 108243.

[11]Pengcheng Lin, Hongbin Chen, Ang Li, Haoquan Zhuang, Zeting Chen, Yongji Xie, Hanguo Zhou, Songping Mo, Ying Chen, Xiang Lu*, Zhengdong Cheng. Bioinspired Multiple Stimuli-Responsive Optical Microcapsules Enabled by Microfluidics. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2020, 12: 46788-46796.

[12]Wei Zou, Jintao Huang*, Wei Zeng, Xiang Lu*. Effect of Ethylene–Butylacrylate–Glycidyl Methacrylate on Compatibility Properties of Poly (butylene terephthalate)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blends. ES Energy & Environment. 2020, 9: 67-73.

[13]Yongfeng Zheng, Yingjun Wang, Xiang Lu*, Zhongyuan Liao, Jinping Qu*. Evolutionary topology optimization for mechanical metamaterials with auxetic property. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 2020, 179: 105638.

[14]Ben-hao Kang, Xiao-yun Yang*, Xiang Lu*. Effect of hollow glass microsphere on the flame retardancy and combustion behavior of intumescent flame retardant polypropylene composites. Polymer Bulletin. 2020, 77: 4307-4324.

[15]Hai-Chen Zhang, Ben-hao Kang, Le-Shan Chen, Xiang Lu*. Enhancing toughness of poly (lactic acid)/Thermoplastic polyurethane blends via increasing interface compatibility by polyurethane elastomer prepolymer and its toughening mechanism. Polymer Testing. 2020, 87: 106521.

[16]Hai-Chen Zhang, Jintao Huang, Peng-Fei Zhao, Xiang Lu*. Bio-based ethylene-co-vinyl acetate/poly (lactic acid) thermoplastic vulcanizates with enhanced mechanical strength and shape memory behavior. Polymer Testing. 2020, 87: 106537.

[17]Haowei Huang, Dexuan Dong, Weijie Li, Xinya Zhang, Li Zhang, Ying Chen, Xinxin Sheng, Xiang Lu*. Synergistic effect of MXene on the flame retardancy and thermal degradation of intumescent flame retardant biodegradable poly (lactic acid) composites. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2020.28: 1981-1993.

[18]Xiaoxiao Guan, Bo Cao, Jianan Cai, Zhenxing Ye, Xiang Lu*, Haohao Huang, Shumei Liu, Jianqing Zhao*. Design and Synthesis of Polysiloxane Based Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer for Improving the Processability and Toughness of Magnesium Hydrate/Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Composites. Polymers. 2020, 12: 911.

[19]Xiang Lu*, Hongwei Yu, Lihua Zhang, Yongfeng Zheng, Linqiong Xu, Yongqing Zhao*. Flexible Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer/Paraffin Wax Vulcanizate with Simultaneously Increased Mechanical Strength, Thermal-Energy Storage, and Shape-Memory Behavior. Energy & Fuels. 2020, 34: 9020-9029.

[20]Yuhui Xie, Weijie Li, Haowei Huang, Dexuan Dong, Xinya Zhang, Li Zhang, Ying Chen, Xinxin Sheng*, Xiang Lu*. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2020, 8: 8448–8457.

[21]Xiang Lu*, Bing Liang, Xinxin Sheng, Teng Yuan, Jinping Qu*. Enhanced thermal conductivity of polyurethane/wood powder composite phase change materials via incorporating low loading of graphene oxide nanosheets for solar thermal energy storage. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2020, 208: 110391.

[22]Xiang Lu*, Huanyu Liu, Vignesh Murugadoss, Ilwoo Seok, Jintao Huang, Jong E Ryu, Zhanhu Guo*, Polyethylene glycol/carbon black shape-stable phase change composites for peak load regulating of electric power system and corresponding thermal energy storage. Engineered Science. 2020, 9: 24-35.

[23]Xiang Lu, Haowei Huang, Xinya Zhang, Pengcheng Lin, Jintao Huang, Xinxin Sheng*, Li Zhang, Jinping Qu*. Novel light-driven and electro-driven polyethylene glycol/two-dimensional MXene form-stable phase change material with enhanced thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity for thermal energy storage. Composites Part B: Engineering. 2019, 177: 107372.

[24]Xiang Lu, Benhao Kang, Shengyu Shi*. Selective Localization of Carbon Black in Bio-Based Poly (Lactic Acid)/Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Co-Continuous Blends to Design Electrical Conductive Composites with a Low Percolation Threshold. Polymers. 2019, 11: 1583.

[25]Xinxin Sheng*, Sihao Li, Yanfeng Zhao, Dongsheng Zhai, Li Zhang, Xiang Lu*. Synergistic effects of two-dimensional MXene and ammonium polyphosphate on enhancing the fire safety of polyvinyl alcohol composite aerogels. Polymers. 2019, 11: 1964.

[26]Bin Liang, Xiang Lu*, Renpu Li, Weiping Tu, Zhuohong Yang*, Teng Yuan*. Solvent-free preparation of bio-based polyethylene glycol/wood flour composites as novel shape-stabilized phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2019, 200: 110037.

[27]Hai-Chen Zhang, Ben-hao Kang, Xinxin Sheng, Xiang Lu*. Novel bio-based pomelo peel flour/polyethylene glycol composite phase change material for thermal energy storage. Polymers. 2019, 11: 2043.

[28]Xiang Lu, Jintao Huang, Wai-Yeung Wong*, Jin-ping Qu*. A novel bio-based polyurethane/wood powder composite as shape-stable phase change material with high relative enthalpy efficiency for solar thermal energy storage. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2019, 200: 109987.

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[31]Xiang Lu, Jintao Huang, Benhao Kang, Teng Yuan*, Jin-ping Qu*. Bio-based poly (lactic acid)/high-density polyethylene blends as shape-stabilized phase change material for thermal energy storage applications. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2019, 192: 170-178.

[32]Xiang Lu, Cong Fang, Xinxin Sheng*, Li Zhang, Jinping Qu*. One-step and solvent-free synthesis of polyethylene glycol-based polyurethane as solid–solid phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2019, 58: 3024-3032.

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[36]Ning Zhang, Xiang Lu*. Morphology and properties of super-toughened bio-based poly(lactic acid)/poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) blends by peroxide-induced dynamic vulcanization and interfacial compatibilization. Polymer Testing. 2016, 56: 354-363.

[37]Xiang Lu, Lei Tang, Lulin Wang, Jianqing Zhao*, Dongdong Li, Zhaomian Wu, Peng Xiao*. Morphology and properties of bio-based poly (lactic acid)/high-density polyethylene blends and their glass fiber reinforced composites. Polymer Testing. 2016, 54: 90-97.

[38]Xiang Lu, Jinping Qu*, Jintao Huang. Reactive extrusion of partially crosslinked poly (butylene succinate) via novel vane extruder: thermal, mechanical and rheological properties. Plastics, Rubber and Composites. 2016, 45: 261-269.

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