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Research Group Led by Prof. Yuan Weiming Made New Progress in Photoredox and Nickel Dual Catalysis

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On September 22, the research work entitled "Remote and Proximal Hydroaminoalkylation of Alkenes Enabled by Photoredox/Nickel Dual Catalysis" was published online at Journal of the American Chemical Society by the research group led by Prof. Yuan Weiming. Doctoral student Zheng Songlin is the first author of this work and Prof. Yuan Weiming is the only corresponding author. Huazhong University of Science and Technology is the only corresponding unit.

A mild and site-selective hydroaminoalkylation of activated and unactivated alkenes via dual photoredox/Ni catalysis is developed. This dual catalytic strategy enables exclusive access to α-selective products, which is complementary to previously reported photocatalytic hydroaminoalkylation of activated alkenes that provides the β-selective products. The chain-walking of a Ni–H intermediate toward a carbonyl allows for the hydroaminoalkylation of unactivated alkenes at remote sp3 C–H sites. This method tolerates a broad substrate scope of both amines and alkenes as well as providing a streamlined synthesis of value-added β-amino acid derivatives from readily available starting materials.


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