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Doctorate Graduate Program for Specialty in Chemistry

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I. Educational Objectives

Having basic academic morality, rigorous and innovative scientific attitude, mastering the ability to perform research independently; Master the basic theory of chemistry and specific knowledge; Having creative results in this field or specific technology.

II. Major Research Directions

1. Inorganic Chemistry

2. Chemical Biology

3. Analytic Chemistry

4. Organic Chemistry

5. Physical Chemistry

6. Polymer Chemistry

7. Materials Chemistry

III. Research Duration & Training Mode

Research Duration of professional doctorate's degree is three to five years, while four to six years for united Master-Doctorate degree.

IV. Requirement & Allocation of Credit

Total credit requirement is more than 29pts for PhD students with master degree and 53 pts for PhD students after bachelor degree. The credits are allocated in the following table:


V. Curriculum and Credit Allocation




Notice: High-level international courses should be labeled.

VI. Specific requirement for training Doctorate students

1. The training of doctoral students is based on the system of tutor responsibility. A steering group is formed for the training and assessment of doctoral candidates.

2. Definition of interdisciplinary courses

(1) Interdisciplinary courses are non-chemistry graduate courses, with participation of the final exams.

(2) The selected interdisciplinary courses are different from the courses taken in the master study.

3. 1 pt is obtained after literature presentation. The report should include:

 (1) Significance of the subject;

 (2) Status and development of the research subject;

 (3) Contents and technique scheme of the research subject;

 (4) Creative achievements in theory and practice;

 (5) Expected results;

 (6) References.

4. Progress report

Before writing the doctorate thesis, the research results should be presented for the steering group of doctorate supervisors and related scientists, the advices and comments should be taken.。

5. Doctorate defense application and qualification examination

The qualification examination should be performed by the supervisor or the steering group.

The basic requirement for the doctorate defense application:

 (1) Taken all courses needed;

 (2) Complete the topic selection report;

 (3) Complete the progress report;

 (4) Publish papers;

 (5) Write thesis;

 (6) Pass the thesis evaluation.

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