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Doctorate Graduate Program for Specialty in Material Physics and Chemistry Engineering

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I. Program Objectives

1. To have a good scientific ethics, and rigorous, realistic, innovative and enterprising attitude and capability of independent research.
2. To have a solid and broad fundamental knowledge and systematic and in-depth expertise;
3. To obtain innovative achievements

II. Major Research Directions

Material Physics and Chemistry

III. Program Duration

The duration for the doctoral degree is 3-5 years. For a Master-Doctoral training program, it is usually 4-6 years.

IV. Requirement & Allocation of Credit

For student with a Master degree, the credit required is 29. For student with a Master-Doctoral training process, the credit required is 53.


Students with an equal degree applying for the doctoral degree may apply for exemption.

V. Course and Allocation of Credit



VI. Specific requirement for training Doctorate students

1. The doctoral training program is a mentor-responsible system, consists of a doctoral tutor as the head of the supervision committee, responsible for the training and assessment of doctoral students.
2. Restrictions on cross-disciplinary courses
(1) Cross-disciplinary courses refer to the graduate courses at the first level. Student must attend the classes and exams
(2) The selected courses of the cross-disciplinary courses should be different from that in the master stage.
3. Proposal defense (1 pt). The defense presentation should include the following:
(1) The origin of project, and its importance)
(2) The research progress on the subject and its future
(3) Research contents and plans
(4) Expected innovative results in both theoretical and practical aspects
(5) Expected achievement
(6) References
4. Before thesis writing, the doctoral candidate should report his/her findings to the tutoring committee or the relevant experts, get their feedbacks, and improve the ideas.
5. Qualification, and apply for thesis defense
The supervisor or the supervising committee conducts the qualification.
Requirements for thesis defense
(1) Earning adequate credits
(2) Accomplishing the thesis proposal
(3) Accomplishing mid-term progress report
(4) Meet the minimum requirements for publications
(5) Thesis writing
(6) Pass the external review 

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