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Green Chemistry Frontiers

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Course No.: 0811163

Total Class Hours: 32 (Lecture Hours: 32, Experiment Class Hours:0, Operation Hours: 0)

Credit: 2

Course Description:

The course will introduce knowledge of green chemistry and enabled students to use basic principle of green chemistry to evaluate the greenness of a new synthetic route or a process. Some selected topics of green chemistry will also give, including green solvent, green catalysis, biomass valorization and CO2 chemistry. Most of the selected examples are come from publications and textbooks of green and sustainable chemistry.

Content of this course:

1)Background information of green chemistry

2)Basic principle and theory of green chemistry

3)Green solvents, including ionic liquid, water, supercritical fluids and bio-based solvents

4)Biomass valorization, platform molecules including biodiesel, HMF, furfural, glycerol, and other carbohydrates

5)CO2 chemistry, adsorption and conversion of CO2

6)Green catalysis, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts

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