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Modern Photoelectric Analytical Technique

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Both optical analysis and electrochemical analysis are the most important contents in Analytical Chemistry, which can provide various methods and strategies for scientific researches in chemistry, physics and materials. Modern Photoelectric Analytical Technique is a special course for postgraduate students to study deeper contents of photoelectric analytical methods on the basis of grasping the graduate students’ course of instrumental analysis. Moreover, in order to satisfy the demand of reading and writing in English for postgraduate students of analytical chemistry during their research, as well as the study of foreign students, the teaching of this course is explained in English.

After the study of this course, the postgraduate students should understand the principles of various modern photoelectric methods and have the ability to select suitable photoelectric methods according to their scientific research targets and requirements.

This course will provide the basis for postgraduate students engaged in scientific research. The main contents of this course include An Introduction to Optical Analysis, Components of Optical Instruments, Atomic Spectroscopy, Molecular Spectrometry, X-ray-based Spectrometry, Transmission/Scanning Electron Microscopy, In situ Molecular Spectrometry-Electrochemical Analysis, In situ X-ray-based Spectrometry-Electrochemical Analysis, and In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy-Electrochemical Analysis.

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