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Corrosion Principle and Engineering

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Course description for Master, School of Chemistry and chemical engineering

School (department)Materials and environmental chemistry

Applicable Educational LevelMaster√      Ph. D

Course TitleCorrosion principle and engineering

Course Code013.567

Course Type:√Teaching course  Practice (experiment, practice) course  Seminar Course Special lecture Others

The methods of AssessmentExamination                            

Teaching MethodTeaching in English

Applicable Specialty: Applied chemistry, chemical engineering

The Beginning of the Term: Fall         

Total Hours /Teaching Hours  32 / 32  


Prerequisite requirements courseElectrochemical basis

Name of the Teachers of the Course Group

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Academic Direction

Zhang Guoan




Corrosion electrochemistry

Teaching objective:

Materials corrosion electrochemical fundamental is for the master students who have already mastered electrochemistry knowledge. The objective is to let students master the basic knowledge of materials corrosion and understand the protective techniques for corrosion, and then endow students with ability for engaging in the materials corrosion and protection in the future. The content includes: introduction of corrosion, thermodynamics of corrosion, dynamics of corrosion, hydrogen evolution corrosion and oxygen reduction corrosion, passivation of metals, corrosion in natural environment, localized corrosion, high temperature oxidation of metals, corrosion and protection technique.


Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1  Definition and characteristic of corrosion

1.2  Harm of corrosion

1.3  Expression of corrosion rate

Chapter 2 Thermodynamics of corrosion

2.1  Corrosion cell

2.2  Judgement of corrosion tendency

2.3  Potential-pH diagram

Chapter 3 Kinetics of Corrosion

3.1  Reaction rate of simple electrode

3.2  Polarization of electrode

3.3  Dynamics equation of corrosion

3.4 Corrosion cell of multi-electrodes system

3.5  Method for determination of corrosion rate

3.6 Corrosion under hydrogen evolution and corrosion under oxygen reduction corrosion

Chapter 4 Passivation of metals

4.1  Phenomena of passivation

4.2  Polarization curves in passive system

4.3  Theory of metal passivation

Chapter 5 Corrosion in natural environment

5.1  Atmospheric corrosion

5.2  Sea water corrosion

5.3  Soil corrosion

Chapter 6 Localized corrosion

6.1  Pitting corrosion

6.2  Crevice corrosion

6.3  Galvanic corrosion

6.4  Intergranular  corrosion

6.5  Selective corrosion

6.6  Stress corrosion

6.7  Hydrogen corrosion

Chapter 7 Corrosion and protection techniques

7.1  Corrosion resistance materials

7.2  Electrochemical protection technique

7.3  Inhibitors

7.4  Coatings

Text book 

Corrosion and Corrosion Control, 4th Edition, R. Winston Revie (Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology, Ottawa), 2008

Reference Books

1. Introduction of corrosion science, E. McCaffergy. Springer Science, 2010

2. Corrosion and protection, Einar Bardal, 2004

3. Principle of corrosion engineering and control, Zaki Ahamd, 2006

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