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Organic Chemistry Frontiers

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Graduate Student Course Introduction

DepartmentSchool of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Organic Chemistry)

Applicable ObjectMaster      Doctor 

Course Name: Organic Chemistry Frontiers

Course Code:

Course TypeLecture  Practice  Seminar Discussion Other

Course Assessment: Thesis               

Teaching mode: Multimedia teaching

Applicable Major: Organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Applied Chemistry

Opening term: Fall Semester     

Total Credit Hours/Lecture Hours 32  / 32  


Pre-RequisitesBasic Organic ChemistryAdvanced Organic Chemistry

Teacher Name

Professional title



Academic expertise

Xiangying Tang


Organic Chemistry


Organic synthesis

Quan Gan


Organic Chemistry


Organic synthesis

Youwei Xie


Organic Chemistry


Organic synthesis

Weiming Yuan


Organic Chemistry


Organic synthesis

Teaching Objectives:

This course is an optional course of academic frontier for graduate students with the aim to broaden their horizon when entering the doctoral stage. Through the study of this course, students can systematically understand the current frontier fields and latest research progress of organic chemistry. Meanwhile, cultivating and improving the students' ability to analyze and solve problems, as well as the ability of knowledge transfer. So that organic chemistry can provide a good service and guild for their doctoral researches.

Course ContentChapters):

Chapter 1 

1.1  Carbene Chemistry 1

1.2  Carbene Chemistry 2

Chapter 2

2.1 Covalent Dynamic Assembly Chemistry

2.2  Metal Coordination Assembly Chemistry

Chapter 3

3.1 Chirality and Asymmetric Catalysis 1

3.2 Chirality and Asymmetric Catalysis 2

Chapter 4 

4.1 Organic Boron Chemistry

4.2 Organic Fluorine Chemistry

Teaching Material 

1.Organic Chemistry: Structure and function, Editor: K. Peter C. Vollhardt.

Reference Material

1.Strategic applications of named reactions in organic synthesis, Editor: Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako.

2.Organic Synthesis: State of the Art Set, Editor: Lambert Tristan.

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